An ayahuasca healing center in the Amazon rainforest to heal your soul.

A Shipibo Tradition

We offer healing ayahuasca retreats with master plants, traditional Shipibo diets, and ayahuasca ceremonies. We are specialists in shamanic treatment under the guidance of master healer and ayahuasquero Ricardo Amaringo. We are an integrative healing center also providing training in Amazonian shamanism and opportunities for visionary art.

The center is named after a Shipibo master plant called Nihue Rao, because it is located near a large grove of these medicinal trees. “Nihue Rao“ can be literally translated as the medicinal plant of the air. Nihue Rao Center Espiritual is the ayahuasca healing center owned by the master healer Ricardo Amaringo, co-founded with Dr. Joe Tafur, familiy physician and the visionary artist Cvita Mamic.

The center is located one hour south of the Iquitos airport, along the Rio Nanay, an affluent of the Amazon river, in a quiet and lush part of the Amazon jungle in Perú, South America.

22 Rooms
Individual or double bedrooms with electricity. One matrimonial or family suite with electricity.
9 Bungalows
Tambos: Isolated tambos for long-term dieters in natural wood construction.
Free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi available all day in collective areas.
Plant Diet
We have more than 20 master plants available for healing and learning diets.
All of the food that we serve in our buffets is appropriate for plant diets. No red meat, sugar, and salt.
24-hour Security
24/7 video security and guardian surveillance on the property. Surveillance during ceremonies.
Airport Service
Airport pickups (included) and returns (extra fee) available with our trusted drivers.
Laundry Service
Everyday of the week free laundry service available.