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Our Healing Retreats

Ayahuasca Retreat (Discovery Retreat) This retreat provides a 6-day stay, including 4 ayahuasca ceremonies lead by Maestro Ricardo Amaringo and his family and a personal icaro at each ceremony. During this journey, you will receive a natural plant purgative for cleaning the stomach and 2 flower baths for energetic body cleaning. This pack is recommended for a first experience with the medicine. After the journey, you may find that you feel better and know yourself better. It provides a spiritual healing process.
This retreat provides a 10-day stay, including 6 ayahuasca ceremonies lead by Maestro Ricardo Amaringo and his family and a personal ikaro at each ceremony. During this journey, you will receive a natural plant purgative for cleaning the stomach, 3 flower baths for energetic body cleaning, and one spiritual treatment (diet) with a medicinal plant. This pack is recommended for a first experience with the medicine, or for more experienced passengers who want to clean and heal. After the journey, you may find that you feel better and know yourself better. It provides a strong spiritual healing process.
This package provides a healing diet for 1, 2, or 3 months, including full access to all ceremonies, a personal ikaro for each ceremony, personal and collective debriefing with Maestro Ricardo Amaringo, and individual support from our staff. Guests will stay in their own room or their own bungalow tambo, depending on availability and length of stay. Tambos are isolated in the jungle on Nihue Rao’s property. This package is recommended for guests who want deep shamanic healing and spiritual transformation.

* Regarding your interest, this diet can be evolved during your stay in a Master Plant Learning in adition of the curent Ayahuasca Healing diet in course (see that section at the bottom).

Our Training Retreats

This package is for more experienced dieters who want to undertake a strict master plant diet for a minimum of 3 months to 1 year. Learning dieters will stay isolated in their own bungalow tambo in the jungle on Nihue Rao’s property. Food will be delivered to your tambo. This pack includes personal and collective debriefing with Maestro Ricardo Amaringo and individual support from our staff. If you choose a learning diet pack, you may only attend two ayahuasca ceremonies per month. This package is ideal for experienced dieters who want to learn from the plants and refine their healing practice. Note: This learning pack does not include regular ayahuasca ceremonies. If you want to participate in regular ayahuasca ceremonies, please select the retreat listed directly under, which includes regular ceremonies. Please contact us to receive a quote for your learning diet, we offer lower rates for stays of 3 months or longer.
This package is for motivated dieters who want to receive healing from ayahuasca ceremonies and also complete a strict master plant learning diet for 3 months to 1 year. It includes full access to all ayahuasca ceremonies, personal ikaros from our shamans, personal and collective debriefing with Maestro Ricardo Amaringo, and individual support from our staff. Dieters will stay isolated in their own bungalow tambo in the jungle on Nihue Rao’s property. This package is ideal for those who have the will to learn and who want shamanic healing at same time. Please contact us to receive a quote for your healing and learning diet, we offer lower rates for stays of 3 months or longer.

* This diet can be evolved from your previous Ayahuasca Healing Diet in course in the center during your stay (see that section above).

Ayahuasca Retreat Preparation


Please, read cautiously before booking.

Prior to any spiritual healing involving medicinal plants as ayahuasca or master plants, it is of upmost importance to have the right spiritual preparation. At Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual, all our ayahuasca retreat programs include a complete spiritual preparation program.

Before Your Arrival

At the moment of your booking, we will send you a health questionnaire to fill in and send back, this is to check with you to assure you can participate in a spiritual retreat with ayahuasca. And prepare your intentions.

Preparing Your Stay

All our retreat programs start on Sundays at 2 pm. Our center is situated about 90 minutes from the Iquitos airport by motorcar (plus 30 minutes with our boat during the rainy season). Please, book a flight which will arrive at the Iquitos airport on Sundays at least before noon to make sure our cab will get enough time to bring you to our center before 2pm. In certain circumstances, we do accept an arrival on another day of the week but we cannot guaranty that you will get the full preparation required and the results expected. If you can, consider this possibility if you already have some previous experience with ayahuasca at our center.

On Site (Sundays 2 pm)

Upon your arrival at Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual, a member of our staff will welcome you, help you settle into your room and give you a tour of our facilities. Once you are settled in, at 2 pm you will be invited to participate in the first informational general meeting to introduce and explain the journey upon which you are about to embark. We will ask you one last time, as a final check, to fill a detailed questionnaire about antecedents (physical, psychological and spiritual) and to sign a waiver which states that you have disclosed the truth about your health and that you are aware that you are going to drink ayahuasca with the knowledge that ayahuasca is legal in Peru.

The Meeting

During this meeting, we will also explain to you how to prepare your individual meeting with Ricardo Amaringo, the Maestro healer and Shipibo owner of Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual. Assisted by a translator and our experienced manager, you will be able to share your intentions with him at which point he will tailor a spiritual treatment for you and assign you a master plant if you require a diet. We will offer you the Work Book Guide (and/or the Training Book for training diets) which explains to you how to find your healing intentions and to assist you in navigating your spiritual journey.

Ayahuasca Ceremony (Mondays)

Another information meeting will be held to explain how to spiritually prepare yourself for your first ayahuasca ceremony as well as going over safety recommendations to ensure you have the best possible experience. For a first ceremony, as a safety measure, each new beginner passengers will receive a lower dose than normal to check your resistance. Then, it will be possible to ask for more later or even better at the next ceremony, only once you get used to the process and more confident about the ceremony itself.

Also, a natural plant purgative is served prior the first ceremony to remove the lingering energies from previous undesired food from the stomach that could interfere with the connection to the ayahuasca. It will also help to reduce excessive food purging during the ceremony. Although our experienced staff facilitators will guide you and help you during and throughout of the ceremonies, it is important to always remember that it is your responsibility to keep a safe behavior, being aware of how much your dose, respecting the tranquility of the other passenger’s processes and being respectful of the ayahuasca ceremony.

At Nihue Rao, receiving the individual personal song from the shaman is of upmost importance for your wellbeing. Refusing the healing song or causing trouble to the tranquility of other guests can lead us to refuse to serve you the ayahuasca brew.

Spiritual Diet

One of the unique aspects of Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual is that our master healer Ricardo Amaringo offers traditional healing diets with master plants within the respect of the Shipibo tradition for even the very new beginners.

As with surgery, the diet is a spiritual technique taught to the shamans from the spiritual world to deeply open the inner energies of our soul, mind and body. In order to connect them to the medicinal energies of the plants. This requires a special icaro song in ceremony (first and last ceremony). It is of the upmost importance to attend a ceremony to close the diet before leaving the center. Because you have been spiritually opened, missing this “closing” will put yourself at risk of getting deeply affected by negative energies once you left the center even if you feel well at the moment.

Diet Food

Unlike most common western medicines, which remove the living spirit from a medicinal plant by cloning them as pills within this Shipibo traditional medicine we use the whole plants components in order to connect to its spiritual healing virtue. A pure energy spirit is as delicate as our own personal energy.

For that reason, we must take care both of the energy of the plant and our spirit, which will be linked during the diet process. Because of this, 10 days before, during and also 10 days after a spiritual diet process, you must absolutely abstain from the following: red meet, pork, dairies, drugs, alcohol, spices, salt, sugar, oil and sex. Those others energies are spiritually too strong and can interfere with our healing process and damage our spiritual energy (only sugar, oil and salt can be used in small quantities 10 days after the diet – This can be extended for longer term diet, please inquire with the staff).

Even though all of our food buffet at Nihue Rao is Ayahuasca diet friendly, we do offer food for different type of plant diets. Some plants require more severe restrictions than others. The staff will inform you about the specifics of your plants and its special restrictions if this is the case. This is your responsibility to take care of your food intake. Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual cannot be responsible for people who don’t respect their dietary restrictions and damage their energies.

Damaged energy can be fixed within a few ceremonies but the extra cost of fixing a diet will be at the charge of the diet owner. We inform you that it is not allowed to use drugs such as narcotics at the center, this risk can deeply affect your health. Not respecting this rule will lead us to exclude a person from our center.


Understand that a spiritual diet is a difficult process because you will have to face your negatives energies (traumas) in order to be able to understand how to get rid of them. This is a challenging and exhausting process, not only physically because we are reducing the food intake you are used to but also emotionally because we experience an intense emotional healing process in our body.

At Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual, our staff is experienced to assist people for this kind of healing, and we know that this spiritual process requires a minimum amount of time. That’s why, to expect a good result, we propose a retreat for a week minimum and we, encourage you to select a master plant retreat (10 days minimum) which helps to improve the connection with the spiritual world, enhance the ayahuasca vision, awareness and optimize the healing process.

Our spirit needs time to connect and understand how to receive spiritual healing for the first time. You must accomplish the whole retreat program before feeling significant benefits. We will let you know that usually, only passengers who accomplish the entire retreat program until the last ceremony will leave the center positively changed and really happy.



About Drinking Ayahuasca Brew

Everybody is eligible as a participant in our retreat program with a master plant; however you must consider that drinking the Ayahuasca brew is not advisable for people with a risk of heart attack or heart disease, neither for people with epilepsy or strong psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder.

Ayahuasca can reveal any type of spiritual diseases rooted in the core energy of a person. A person already affected by a strong psychiatric disorder who drinks Ayahuasca could be taken by those energies under the ayahuasca effect. For those people, they must first get cleansed by the shaman with healing icaros or master plant treatments. Only then can the opportunity of drinking Ayahuasca be considered. In case of doubt about your cardiac or mental state, please consult a physician prior to drinking Ayahuasca. Our medical consultant will advise you regarding the results. Nihue Rao reserves the right to refuse to serve Ayahuasca for the benefit of the person.


Consider the impending downside of the information explosion on Ayahuasca, made possible by the internet. There are tons of non-reliable sources that can end up creating confusion thus leading you astray on your spiritual medicine path. Also consider the danger of self-prescribing/self-care Ayahuasca to help you through some health problems. Be sure to find a real professional to guide you in the use of this spiritual plant medicine appropriately, carefully and most of all safely. It is essential having the right information and preparation training before putting your physical, emotional and spiritual health care in the hands of people who have no references.


Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual is lead by maestro Ricardo Amaringo, the permanent settled owner of his own center. Ricardo Amaringo is internationally renowned as spiritual healer and has dedicated his entire life to the strict spiritual Shipibo tradition, he has already helped thousands of people, performed thousands of Ayahuasca ceremonies and has being endorsed by many valuable independent reviews.


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Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual is the only Ayahuasca Shipibo healing center in the world which offering in the same time:

  • A traditional Shipibo healing center open 365/7/24
  • The permanent settled maestro healer Ricardo Amaringo & owner of his own center
  • Medicinal plant diet for beginners
  • Shamanic training diets (already more than a hundred patricians trained in the world)
  • Comfortable facilities, security and video surveillance on site 24-hours
  • An experienced western facilitator staff with translator
  • A mindful price range
  • Your money goes to support 40 local employees of Nihue Rao and their families


Ceremonial house. A 360 degree circular hut like facility wherein passengers lying on mats, gather together around to receive the Ayahuasca brew while reverently listening to the singing of icaros from the shamans.
Art Maloca
A learning place. Here diverse expressions of art and culture are performed daily and practiced. Also used for taking Shipibo culture classes.
A blend of two master plants, the Ayahuasca vine and a shrub called chacruna. According to the Shipibo ancient tradition master plants have their own spirit.
Trees and plants hold special power significance and spiritual guidance that have been used for a long time and memorialized by healers to treat various ailments.
The way we address all people of the world coming to our spiritual center on their spiritual journey.
Mapacho Smoke
A cigar used throughout the diet to blow away bad energies this smoke cleanses both the dieter and the tambo or ceremonial maloca.
Master Plants
Amazonian shamanic tradition believes that master pants speak to those with the gift of expanded senses and perception.
Bano De Florecimiento (Flower Bath)
Frequent made of a rare mixed of healing herbs recommended throughout the duration of the diet to cool the body of all toxins and bad energies being released.
Spiritual Healing
Bad energies deposit a real crust of time and memory blocking and staining the transparency the soul. The first step in Ayahuasca spiritual healing is peeling off the crust layer by layer thus allowing us to get in closed contact with our soul and therefore making an opening to the sacred energy of the eternal spirit.
Isolation Diet
A spiritual right that is the next level of healing after having worked with Ayahuasca in ceremonial groups. Our staff will help you know what master plant can suit your healing or training intention. A strict meal diet consists of Fish, rice and plantains. No salt or oil is added to any meal.